About us

An Italian Company since 1993

Cosvald is an Italian company that has operated since 1993, which projects and realises industrial furnaces and smoke depuration plants.

Since the beginning, thanks to the extraordinary technical capacity and experience of its founder Mr. Antonio Valdisolo, Cosvald elaborates and develops technical solutions for the needs of its customers, in particular in the field of precious metal recovery, offering innovative furnaces for the incinerating and melting of metals.

Over the years supported by leading professional and research centers, Cosvald has overcome new technical challenges in the fields of thermal destruction and the decontamination of metals devices/ objects, often succeeding in offering turn-key plants.

Currently Cosvald prides itself on its product range, which includes industrial furnaces for incinerating special waste materials and residual products from the manufacturing of precious metals,melting furnaces, heat treatment furnaces for metals, converters and complete depuration plants.